Improvement Starts with Knowledge.

At Darts Orakel we collate and supply darts data for players, pundits, manufacturers and management teams to provide insights for those who want to gain an edge. Our public database is also used by darts fans all over the world who like to browse darts statistics, records, or have a punt on the sport. Our statisticians in Germany, UK, Netherlands and the USA are the engine of our database and allow us to offer insights in depth that nobody has had access to in the world of darts before. We believe everybody can improve on what they do if they have the right data to take them in the right direction. If they don’t, they will eventually fall behind. What you don’t know will hurt you.

One Connected, Worldwide Ranking System

Our FDI (Faria Darting Index) rating and ranking system is the only recognised ranking system in the world that connects players from every form of the game in one list. Quite simply, if you play darts and your data is accessible to us, you will have a rating placing you in the pecking order with everybody including the very best. FDI ratings can be used to decide the right calibre of opponent for practice, as seedings for tournaments and unlike normal ranking systems, is a true reflection of form due to the rapid nature with which it updates. Any player can join the community in our Darts Orakel Play app and get your own rating by playing matches. The more you play, the more accurate it will be.


A lot of our data is completely free to access, and you can upgrade to become a regular subscriber, which puts more tools at your disposal. Our standard subscription includes access to a Head-to-Head tool which provides you with win/lose and scoreline probabilities for match-ups between any two players in our database, calculated from our FDI ratings which have over 70% prediction accuracy at all levels of the game. You can see a wider range of statistics like 180s per leg rates, success on different types of checkout and accuracy of players on key segments like Treble 20 and Treble 19. You can also see the stats of any two players, over the last 12 months, side-by-side.

Performance Portal

If you want access to the most detailed statistics and insights, our Performance Portal provides analysis of players broken down into areas like scoring, finishing and pressure shots, and enables you to look at trends on any of the stats over any period of time. You can also do this between two players to make a direct comparison over the last month, 3 months, 6 months – whatever you decide. Each Tour Card holder has a unique colour-coded dartboard graphic which is updated after every event, showing their strengths and weaknesses compared to their fellow Tour Card holders. Prices for the Performance Portal vary as they come with bespoke support to our customers.

Subscription Packages

Subject to Quote
  • Everything included in our Standard subscription plus -
  • Access to all statistics and tools with detailed analysis possible on any player or two players side by side, over any timeline.
  • Key segment accuracy analysis for all Tour Card holders, showing strengths and weaknesses relative to the Tour.
£2.99 per month
  • Access to Darts Orakel Play online gameplay and data
  • Access to an additional 50+ types of statistic on any player in our database (180s per leg, deciding leg win ratios, Treble 20 & 19 hit rate, and many more).
  • Head-to-head predictor tool with auto-generated probabilities for any match up between two players.
  • Access to the full FDI ranking list.
Coming Soon